Farm in Norcia

The farm business founded by the Brothers Cecconi is surrounded by green hills’ zone and the mountains of Norcia, the farm itself occupies the territory of 200 acres. It is divided as the land for the animals’ pasture and the cultivated zone for lentils and barley.
The company cultivates it’s lands also for the feed production for their own cows as nearly all of the feed is self produced at the farm which allowies to it’s owners a complete control of the supply chain from feed to milk. The cow’s milk is daily given to the cooperative processing which produces apart from the packed milk other excellent products on a daily basis such as yogurts, Italian mozzarella cheese, pecorino cheese and many others. Lentils and barley are generally packed and marked outside in the central part of Italy and are available for degustation in the Norcian restaurants or shops in case if you wish to try them in your own kitchen.
The farm guarantees the high quality honey produced by its own hives, it can be sold out but in general it is used for local breakfasts and as the natural base for some traditional sweets, cakes and home-made deserts which can be tried by the guests of the house every morning The company produces home-made jam brought out of the ancient receipts which is always available for breakfast. The company possesses a large wooded territory which is especially used for taking the wood for heating houses and accommodations.