Room Farmhouse

The farm village possesses 28 accommodations, divided into the comfortable rooms full of facilities and situated in the first floor of the first complex of villas “casale”, where at the same time you will find a large and rather particular breakfast hall and the ground floor interspersed by fabulous local stone arches.

In the second complex of villas “casale” the rooms are situated as in the ground floor so as in the first floor, all of them are differentiated by type of construction, for example from the large stone vaults to the simple wooden beams. The furnishing is designed according to the ancient elegant style in order to allow guests to dive into the peace of the rural civilization of one day.

In the mornings after wake-up every surrounding thing offered by the mother nature such as smells, sounds and colors present the unique senses which differ depending on the season and are differentiated by their own particularity. Agritourism villa offers its’ best hospitality also for home pets and animals as it possesses the special rooms for these occasions.