Sibillini National Park, Norcia, Valnerina

Besides visiting "Vetusta Nursia" (Ancient Norcia), old town with Sabine origins, full of pieces of art, architecture, homeland of Saint Benedict Patron Saint of Europe, capital of typical products and black truffles, it is possible to visit the Sibylline Mountains National Park walking along enchanting paths, directly from the farmhouse "Le Sorgenti", to many peculiarities of the Park (trekking paths.).
To enthusiasts of horse riding, in the area there are various riding facilities. For all over the year, it is possible to practice trekking: in winter with snowshoes and expert excursion guides for your safety. To those who love rivers, it is possible to practice rafting along the river Corno. In the plains of Castelluccio (Piano Grande) it is possible to fly with hang-gliding and/or para-gliding together with instructors.

Places to visit

The farmhouse is situated in the area of the Sibillini Mountains that now is a National Park, 970 mt above the sea level. From your windows you will admire west Sibylline Mountains, Mount Patino (1883 mt). The farm "Cecconi" looks at east so you can see the sun rise from the very beginning of the day, over Sibylline Mountains.
From here you can reach panoramic places where you can admire the plateau of Saint Scholastica, where Norcia is, or the Castoriana Valley with the Saint Eutizio Abbey, homeland of surgery and Christian monachism. In 20 minutes you can reach the Piano Grande of Castelluccio and the Mount Vettore, real examples of the beauty of this area.